Flower Foam Set 2 6 A4 Sheets - Blue/Violet

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Flower Foam Set 2 6 A4 Sheets - Blue/Violet
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Flower Foam Set 2 6 A4 Sheets - Blue/Violet

Leane CreatiefSKU: 254063 BARCODE: 8718858264063 MSRP: $6.00

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Make beautiful and realistic looking flowers with this specialized foam! This foam can be cut with your favourite flower dies, or with scissors to create beautiful flowers in different sizes and shapes. For additional detail, try colouring the foam with inks, and add texture by using an embossing tool or your fingers. Using an iron to heat the foam will make it malleable and easy to shape.
Each package includes 6 A4 (8.29in x 11.69in) sheets of thin flower foam. Colours: 1 sheet of each: White, Light Violet, Dark Violet, Summer Blue, Light Blue and Grass Green

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