Joy! Crafts - Mery's Slidable Short Die

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Joy! Crafts - Mery's Slidable Short Die
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Joy! Crafts - Mery's Slidable Short Die

Save $7.30
Joy! CraftsSKU: 60020512 BARCODE: 8717706032700 MSRP: $20.60

Sale price$3.00 Regular price$10.30
Only 8 units left


Cut-emboss Stencil (2Pc) Mery's Slidable Short die

These 2 dies consist of an outside pocket and and inside tag which slides out to create an interactive element to your cards and layouts. Add a secret message and have your receiver find it later!

Sizes: 1.73" x 2.72" and 2.13" x 2.40"

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