Aladine Brush

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Aladine Brush
3 cmAD80131 3660016801311
$4.15 MSRP: $8.30
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Aladine Brush
2 cmAD80132 3660016801328
$2.58 MSRP: $8.30
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Aladine Brush
1 cmAD80133 3660016801335
$2.20 MSRP: $8.30
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Aladine Brush

AladineSKU: AD80131 BARCODE: 3660016801311 MSRP: $8.30

Size: 3 cm
Sale price$4.15
Sold out


This is a high quality flat brush with a pale pink wooden handle. Perfect for use with masks to create designs or beautiful backgrounds. Use with paints or inks.
Size: 1.18"

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